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St. Clair County VBC
St. Clair County VBC

SCC USAV Tournaments

2018 Club Tournaments

**There is a 6% fee with every online transaction.**
Each tournament has a limit of 8 teams

February 3rd 12'S $100 REGISTER
February 10th 15'S $100 REGISTER
February 17th 14'S $100 REGISTER
February 18th 14'S $100 REGISTER
February 24th 16'S $100 REGISTER
February 25th 17'S $100 REGISTER
March 3rd 15'S $100 REGISTER
March 4th 13'S $100 REGISTER
March 10th 17'S $100 REGISTER
March 11th 16'S $100 REGISTER
March 17th 15'S $100 REGISTER
March 18th 16'S $100 REGISTER
March 24th 16'S $100 REGISTER
March 25th 13'S $100 REGISTER
March 31st 15'S $100 REGISTER
April 8th 16'S $100 REGISTER
April 14th 17'S $100 REGISTER
April 15th 15'S $100 REGISTER
April 28th 16'S $100 REGISTER
April 29th 15'S $100 REGISTER